Gardening, wars and music…

Today is a beautiful summers day and due to spending the last three months working from home the garden has been a godsend.

Photo taken with Focos

The hanging baskets look absolutely amazing considering that when I bought the plants from the garden centre there was a limited selection. It would have been a mistake to not go with the tools I had available to me . I could have lamented the lack of choice but I bought what they had.

Photo taken with Focos

“Pack in as many of them as you can” was the advice from my elderly neighbour. Ron loves his garden and a man in his nineties has a wealth of knowledge. So proud of his war stories, he would have me spellbound by his tales of escaping the enemy in the darkness with limited equipment. “Battle order only!” they were ordered. Belt buckles were to be wrapped in rag to avoid any clinking sounds, other advice was given about where to sleep and where to avoid. The other advice was from my dad also a war veteran, “Once a week give them a feed of phostrogen that’ll give them enough nourishment ’till they next get fed”

But I digress, their gardening knowledge and advice has always been top class. And so. armed with this info I packed in my two types of petunias and some home grown lobelia and watering every day with a weekly feed of phostrogen I now have seven amazing hanging baskets to enjoy daily.

So what has this to do with music you may well ask.

Well the inspiration comes from appreciating someone else’s creativity and wanting to emulate it. Asking for advice and putting it into practise is what happens when we rub shoulders with other musicians, playing or practising every day is similar to watering the baskets. It’s possible to miss a day here and there but leave it too long and it begins to show.

And the weekly feed? I’ll let you work that one out. If you do, please share it with others in an answer below.

And remember You may have a lot of the tools to do the job already but may just need a little pointing in the right direction to get the best out of them.

Stay safe and enjoy your playing.

Keep belting it out! 🙂


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Professional Musician working in the community with people of all ages educating and inspiring us all to make music.

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