Behringer X Touch Stand

The behringer x touch is what is known as a control surface. It is used to manipulate the DAW software in real-time. It is excellent for quickly applying multiple adjustments to audio track settings. Such as volume, pan, etc. Their are also transport controls and a jog wheel to help with editing and playback.

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This control surface is best viewed from above or at least at a greater angle than its design allows. It has scratch pads (which are little LED windows shown below) that relay the name of the track linked to that fader.

Scratch pad.

If you have more than eight tracks the Faders need to be swapped in batches therefore it is critical that you know which channel you are addressing whilst adjusting the settings.

Close up of stand.

I also want space under the controller to stow my keyboard. The controller takes a reasonable chunk of desk space and I don’t want to lean over too much so for this I want it as far forward as I can get it!

Printing 3D parts

I designed the parts to accept commercially available fibre glass tent poles to use as cross pieces. I already had a couple in my garage from a tent repair which were spare.

11mm replacement tent poles on Amazon

I wanted a snug fit and therefore design a tight transition fit for the holes. In engineering their are three types of holes for this type of fit. Clearance, interference and transition. I could have made the parts out of wood but I liked the looks of the 3D printed part and also it allows me to make it available as four separate 3D STL files for people who want to make their own – using a 3D printer.

3D printer screen display during printing.

You will also need 11mm diameter tent poles to complete the model. The four parts will need printing by you or someone with a 3D printer! You will also need fasteners or glue to complete the stand.

Printing 3D parts.

I made the design suitable for smaller printers so the sides are made in two halves which can be either glued together or screwed together with small nuts and bolts.

Assembled rack.

I have been using it for several months and I am really pleased with the results.


This project is supplied in good faith and has worked for me, by downloading these files you agree that I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

To the best of my knowledge all files are uncorrupted and virus free and have been generated on my own system I have taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in these files, but cannot guarantee this and recommend recipients take appropriate precautions.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases and the good news is the price you pay is the same whether you click my link or go direct. I hope my post has been helpful!

Behringer X Touch on Amazon

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