Playing the bass is often seen as an easy option. Well, it has two strings less to worry about, but apart from that it requires precise timing, technique and knowledge of keys and chords, scales and arpeggios and a desire to “be the bass” when thats whats required. It is one of my favourite stringed instruments.

so what can you expect if you sign up with me for some bass lessons. I have listed below some bullet points of the just a few of the things that are commonly discussed.

Choosing gear:-

  • Choice of instrument,
    • pickups, scale, fretted. fretless
  • amp
  • pedals
  • strings
    • round wound or smooth
  • pickups
    • single coil or humbucker

Looking for the amp tone that will suit your style

selecting pickups for hard or soft tones

Playing cleanly, muting and damping

Roots, thirds, fifths, scales, arpeggios and chords and other funky stuff!

Locking in with the drummer or rhythm section

Finger style versus plectrum or pick

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