This is not the Brunswick.

The humble ukulele has become one of my most popular lesson requests, it has recently been taken up by all ages and even the pop world has embraced it with gusto. All instruments

Brunswick Concert ukulele I have had mine since 2017 and its a great little uke.

With only four strings it is somewhat easier to play than a guitar but if you are reading this I suspect that you realise it is not quite so straightforward to learn. What I can say is with the appropriate instruction balanced with dedication on the part of the student I have taught literally hundreds of people to play in the last three years. The group environment is still very popular and the groups eventually perform to regular audiences and have proved really popular with both performers and the audience alike.

The lessons will help you take this piece of wall art to an instrument of infinite pleasure, you will be able to play and sing within a relatively short time.

This is what you can expect.

Basic skills include, Tuning, strumming the ukulele, learning simple chords working up to enough chords to play most pop and rock songs.

Advanced skills include picking patterns, scales, harmonics, alternative strumming styles, reading music and or tabulation. For a lot of people simply playing a tune in front of family or friends is their goal. This can seem a daunting act but many students are surprised how easy this step can be made especially when encouraged in a fun and supportive group.

A few things you will need are:-

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