Cajon – Building your own?

Photo taken with Focos

This is the second of three Cajons that we are making, read on and watch the video to see how its done, feel free to suggest anything that you think I have missed.

Please send any links to your project if you decide to use these plans. There is no protection to prevent you forwarding the xls sheet to other people but please don’t as it doesn’t help me at all. Also please subscribe for notifications about this and future projects.

I have seen Cajons at open mic and folk gigs and thought, “I should be able to make one of those at a fraction of the cost” so I did, in fact I made three! I also thought it would be great to share that with my participants. So we set too, my son and I and filmed the process to be able to put together a short journal of how we approached the project.

I also created a small spreadsheet that will work out the sizes for the panels from just a few simple dimensions that the DIY person loads into it.


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