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Starting on a new Journey or re-discovering an old passion – the next part of your journey starts here!
If you are an older adult then I want to work with you to realise your full music potential.
How? by working together to put into action a plan at a pace that suits you.
I aim to build your confidence and skills using structured informative enjoyable lessons.

I have many testimonies from students who have enjoyed my teaching style and patient methods.

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Welcome, my name is Cliff, founder of FretsnReeds, structured online lessons.

The Penny Whistle

The tin whistle is no longer a penny but it is still excellent value for money! I have created a book of slow airs and tunes to help learn this wonderful instrument. Each tune has a downloadable backing track with a YouTube demo of the score available as the example below. This has become one…

Music Keyboards and controllers.

This week we take a quick look at keyboards. A real piano has many qualities some of which can be simulated with an electronic version. The most expensive keyboards will have weighted keys, some of these even have the weights arranged across the keyboard with proportional weighting so bass LH keys are heavy in action…

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