Playing the saxophone requires breath control, correct lip position, accurate fingering and lots of practise.

Correct emboucher is Paramount for developing a good tone.

What affects the tone?

  • Choice of reed
  • Mouthpiece (MPC)design
  • Chamber size
  • Open or closed lay
  • Choice of material
  • Ligature type and position
  • Saxophone design
  • You the player

The pursuit of a great tone is always paramount in developing your own sound. That along with developing an armoury of riffs and phrases for those students that prefer playing by ear rather than playing by sight reading music notation. See more information at

Learning to read music can be a massive advantage when learning to master the saxophone. It can open up a huge resource when learning phrases in all genres.

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Professional Musician working in the community with people of all ages educating and inspiring us all to make music.

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